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Mustard Seeds: Autism Treatment Center in Dallas / Ft. Worth Texas
Faith Based Intensive Therapy for Children with Autism.

An Autism Treatment Center Near Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas

Having multiple therapies in a natural home environment creates less transition problems for the child as well as having all therapists on the same page for optimal progress. The home setting allows for important life skills to be learned, such as deciding what food to have for lunch and assisting in the preparations of that meal, as well as cleaning up. Needless to say, special meal accommodations are provided. Faith based therapy gives the child a sense of never feeling alone with the challenges they are facing and for the family as a whole, a support network based on faith. Family days are also included, where siblings have the opportunities to participate in some of the fun activities, such as swimming, bumper boats in our indoor aqua room or pony rides and monthly "Swim-in" movies for the family... to name a few. These activities have facilitated better sibling socialization.
Insurance is filed for you, so no need to worry about hassles with insurance companies. Some grants are available to apply for, to help cover other costs. Because Mustard-Seeds is so specialized, space is very limited. Please contact us today.

Our Philosophy

Autism is a puzzle with no single path to guaranteed success. Our brains are incredibly complex systems that process information in a wide manner of ways and we believe that stimulation should come from  more than one direction as well. As a result, while the overall focus of our therapy is closely based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), we also incorporate Play therapy, Equine assisted therapy (horse), Hydro assisted therapy, Vestibular therapy, Music, Speech, Occupational, & Physical therapy. We believe that children also learn from other children and including typically developing peers in the classroom promotes mirroring and patterning of neurotypical behaviors and social developmental skills.

The therapies provided to each child depend upon the initial diagnostic evaluation of the child and additional needs determined during ongoing treatment. To promote greater use of varying therapies, Mustard Seeds is designed to offer many additional therapies on-site
at our ranch.  This enables our children, who typically do not handle transitions well and spend far too much time shuttling between multiple therapy centers to remain in one familiar, comforting environment with the therapy brought to them. This also helps harried parents from scrambling to find time off from work to travel to multiple locations across the DFW Metroplex. Instead, with so many therapies conveniently built into the child’s schedule at Mustard Seeds some parents are delighted to be able to resume their careers and contribute to family finances again rather than being constrained from work  by therapy visits.

Enroll Now!
Enroll Now!

We understand that new places can be terrifying to an Autistic child and we want to make the transition more comfortable as well as provide the tools for continued success with their peers even after they graduate our program,. Nuero-typical children who are trained by our staff assist the children as a big brother or big sister model. The kiddos love playing with the older kids and work hard to copy their every move from kicking soccer balls to handling a spoon. We also have "Family day" where the siblings can come for a splash mountain day or a pony (or horse!) riding lesson. We understand that happiness of an individual child weighs heavy on the entire family, so we try to include everyone so the transitions are as easy as possible.  Practically to a child, their parents tell us their kiddos run to the car to come  to the ranch each morning and cry when they leave.

Home therapy is available as part of our weekly program and also by special request.

Early arrival and extended pick up time can be arranged with prior notice from 8 am to 7 pm.

Mustard Seeds Ranch

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